It’s getting more cosy in the city centre of Tilburg, everywhere are popping up trendy eateries. I’d seen the coffee bar Locals already for a while and I can finally say that I’ve tried it! When you enter this place it directly feels really intimate. There’s a relaxed living room atmosphere with a mix of colourful prints and materials. At the window side is a generous sofa where you can sit with all your friends or you could choose for a little table on the other side. The idea behind Locals is to bring back the authentic atmosphere from a cosy bar you know from vacation, where you directly feel like you’re at home.

They serve homemade granola, green smoothies, fresh sourdough bread or specialties for vegetarians. Besides, every month they have a different ‘Global Flavour’, a meal inspired from another country in the world. Like this month they have an Indonesian patty with a fresh salad of mango and cashew nuts.

If you’re looking for a cool place for lunch then Locals is the place to be. They also have a small terrace in front of it, where you could enjoy a fresh pressed juice in the sunshine.

Locals – Heuvelstraat 128 – 5038 AH Tilburg







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