Buutvrij is a cool place in the centre of Tilburg where you can go for yummy sandwiches, organic cakes and fresh pressed juices. Buutvrij is also called creative coffee cafe and it’s creative for sure! The interior is a mixture of vintage design, arty illustrations on the wall and cosy corners where you could enjoy your food. Likewise there are changing exhibitions to see on the walls, all the art they have can be bought for at home too.

This cafe has a varied menu, from well decorated sandwiches with humus and grilled vegetables to a lovely sandwich with banana and pure chocolate. Furthermore, for a drink you’re on the right spot here. Buutvrij serves your own chosen energy smoothies with a mix of fruits, veggies and superfoods. A wonderful place for people who love healthy food!

I would like to recommend this place during a day of shopping in Tilburg. The location is ideally, when you’re walking from the city centre to the train station you’ll pass this cosy place. So on the way to the station you can score something yummy for in the train!

Buutvrij – Stationsstraat 49 – 5038 EC Tilburg





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