Sometimes it gets a little boring to always take the same kind of healthy snacks to your work. Bananas and apples are a good snack, but some days you want to have something more special. That’s why I love to make a batch of raw bars on the Sunday, so I can take them with me on weekdays. When you’re getting hungry around 4 PM it’s the perfect snack full of energy, healthy fats and fibre.

Almonds are perfect for raw recipes. They’re a source of unsaturated fats, protein, vitamins and minerals. It’s important to get your proteins also from plant-based sources, a handful of almonds contains already seven grams of protein. Also, I’ve added some flax seeds to these bars. They make sure the bars are bursting of fibre and very filling. And did you know cinnamon maintains a stable blood sugar level? That’s why I like to add cinnamon to my healthy snacks, so your body craves less sugary foods. Moreover, everybody loves chocolate and a little piece of dark chocolate a day is great for your health. So, these healthy bars contains everything you need for a productive day at work. Try them and let me know what you think about it.


(Makes four bars)

125 grams medjool dates
150 grams almonds
2 tablespoons flax seeds
1 tablespoon cinnamon
30 grams dark chocolate >85%

Food processor
Silicon cake mold
Big and smaller pan

Put the dates, 125 grams almonds, flax seeds and cinnamon together in the food processor and mix for a few minutes. Make sure everything is mixed well and divide this mixture over 1/3 of the cake mold. Create a layer from about 1,5 thick and press it firmly with a spatula. Put the mold in the fridge for 10 minutes so the bars get hard.

Melt the chocolate the a bain marie way. Take the mold out of the fridge and cut four bars from the mixture with a big knife. Scoop the chocolate out of the pan with a spoon and drizzle it in a criss-cross pattern over the bars. Chop the leftover almonds in smaller pieces and divide them over the bars as well. Let the bars cool down in the fridge for approximately 15 minutes, so the chocolate gets hard again. Save them packed in cling film in the fridge.




The last few weeks I like to experiment more with pasta recipes and see what kind of combinations I like. This pasta is very easy to make and has an amazing taste. The combination of broccoli and salmon is always a winner and together with cream it’s just delicious. As I don’t eat much dairy products, the dairy-free rice cream from Alpro is perfect for me. The cream is made of rice, water and some oils. Nothing bad added and a very good base for creamy pasta recipes.

Pasta doesn’t need to be unhealthy, which proves this recipe. Broccoli is one of the most powerful vegetables. It’s high in all kinds of minerals such as magnesium, iron and zinc. It also contains vitamin A, B, C and E. Moreover, salmon is good for your health too. It’s full of omega-3 fatty acids, which protect your body against heart and vascular diseases. Healthy fats are also important to lower cholesterol and a high blood pressure. Furthermore, did you know garlic doesn’t only give a yummy taste to this recipe but also helps to fight infections? So secretly this pasta isn’t so bad for you. Try it out and let me know what you think.

(For two persons)

120 grams whole grain pasta
300 grams broccoli
200 grams smoked salmon
250 ml Rice Cuisine (plant-based cream from Alpro)
1 onion
2 garlic cloves
1/3 cube vegetable broth
Dash of olive oil

Start with cutting the broccoli into small roses and put them in a pan with some water. Make sure the broccoli is covered in water. Cook it for about 15 minutes. Make the pasta as described on the package, this will take about as long as the broccoli. Cut the garlic and onion into smaller pieces, add a dash of olive oil in a pan and bake both golden brown. Cut the salmon into smaller pieces and add it as well. Bake it for a little so the salmon changes from colour. Afterwards add the rice cream together with the vegetable broth. Let it simmer for a little bit.

Drain the broccoli and pasta. Mix the broccoli through the creamy sauce and divide the pasta over two plates. Lastly divide the sauce over the pasta.





It feels like everyone around me has a blocked nose, a fever or is getting ill. The best remedy for all these winter ailments? Vitamins! Not supplements of course, but all natural vitamins from vegetables and fruit. By eating more vitamins your immune system gets a great boost and your body recovers more quickly. Beets are one of the most powerful vegetables for your health. They’re bursting of vitamin C, magnesium, iron and copper. Moreover, beets are also known as the natural treatment against kidney disorders, fever and constipation.

So, if you feel like you need a vitamin boost you should try this smoothie. The banana in it gives you some extra energy, the cinnamon keeps your blood sugar levels stable and the ginger adds a spicy touch to the smoothie. Therefore, this smoothie contains all you need to keep your body happy.

(For one person)

1 frozen banana
2 raw beets
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon ginger root
200 ml almond milk


Start with cutting the skin of the beets. Cut the beets into small blocks so they’re easier to blend. Add all the ingredients together in the blender and mix into a creamy smoothie. Pour the smoothie in a big glass and serve with a colourful straw.

Tip: If you’re not used to spicy food take half a teaspoon of ginger instead of a whole one. 



We Dutchies love to have a good old ‘stamppot’ when it’s winter. Stamppot is a typical Dutch meal with mashed potatoes and vegetables. There are many kinds of stamppot, my favourite ones are with kale or carrots. I know many of my followers are Dutch, so here’s one you all need to try. It’s a bit different as the usual stamppot, which makes it more healthy.

I’ve used sweet potatoes instead of normal potatoes because sweet potatoes amazing for your health. They have a low GI, which means they slowly affect your blood sugar level and you’ll feel satisfied for a long time after eating them. Moreover, sweet potatoes are high in vitamins and minerals. In combination with kale, one of the most powerful greens, this mash is bursting of important nutrients. By adding a bit of pecans the recipe gets very sweet and the feta cheese adds a bit creaminess as well. Make a big batch from this mash, so you can eat two days from it.

(For two persons)

700 grams sweet potatoes
30 grams pecans
40 grams feta cheese
50 grams kale
1 tablespoon plant based milk (e.g. soy milk, almond milk)
A pinch of salt


Wash the sweet potatoes and cut them into small cubes. Put them a pan with kale and add enough water so the potatoes are covered in water. I used about 1 liter. Add a pinch of salt and cook them for about 15 minutes so the potatoes get soft. Drain the water with the lid on the pan. Mash it together with a masher and add some milk to make it more smooth. Keep a bit of feta cheese and pecans on the side for garnishing. Chop the pecans into smaller pieces and add them to the potato mash. Crumble the feta and swirl it through the mash. Divide it over two bowls and garnish with the leftover pecans and feta cheese.



A little while ago I discovered this salad from So Cee and it’s too delicious not to share. First a bit about Carmen, the girl behind the blog. Carmen is an inspiring girl with a big dose of creativity. She’s everything in one, from model to lifestyle coach. Her blog So Cee is not only about food but fashion and lifestyle are also important items. Carmen wants to inspire people and give them inner strength. Her vision on life is that whatever happens, embrace it like a present and make it your own strength. I asked Carmen if I could share her delicious beetroot salad on my blog and she was more than happy.

This recipe proves that you don’t need many ingredients for a good salad. The combination of all the raw vegetables with a fresh ginger-lime dressing is gorgeous. Beets are great for your health as they’re bursting of vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, they’re a source of iron and protect the body from illness. Red cabbage has medicinal effects, is full of antioxidants and provides resistance to diseases. The ginger-lime dressing adds a powerful boost to this salad, very fresh and spicy. So don’t worry about eating too much of this healthy salad, your body will love it.

(For one person)

100 grams red cabbage
2 raw beets
1/2 apple
1 red bell pepper

1 lime
1 teaspoon ginger root
1 teaspoon honey or maple syrup
Pinch of salt

First wash all the vegetables. Cut the apple and bell pepper into long thin strips. Peel the skin of the beets and cut them also in thin long strips. Lastly cut the cabbage into smaller pieces. Put all the vegetables together in a bowl and mix them. Lastly cut the lime and squeeze the juice into a small bowl. Add the ginger root and honey. Whisk it all together and add a bit salt to taste. Add the dressing on top of the salad and enjoy!

Note: If you’re not used to ginger I advice you to use half a teaspoon ginger root instead of a whole one, otherwise it’s very spicy. 



In January everybody always wants to eat healthy again after a month with too much dinners, campaign and chocolate. People swap glasses of wine for green smoothies, say hello to salads again and skip all the carbs. My advice: just do it in little steps and it works much better. Don’t go from a pizza diet to a salad diet in one day. Start changing little things like adding more vegetables to your meals or making smaller portions. By doing it that way eating healthy becomes a lifestyle which you’ll enjoy, instead of a strict diet.

When your heart says pizza but your mind says salads, this recipe is perfectly made for you. It’s full of veggies but still has the yummy taste of pizza. The combination of zucchini with black olives and dried tomatoes is gorgeous. The feta cheese on top gives the pizza a creamy fresh touch, without making it unhealthy. Try it out and you’ll not be disappointed.

(Makes 4 medium wrap pizzas)

400 ml tomato passato
4 tablespoons tomato puree
1 tablespoon Italian herbs

4 medium wholemeal wraps
1 red onion
4 cloves of garlic
1 zucchini
4 tablespoons black olives
200 grams cherry tomatoes
20 dried tomatoes
60 grams feta cheese


Preheat the oven to 200 degrees. Start with making the sauce by mixing tomato passato with tomato puree and Italian herbs. Divide it over the wraps and smear it out. Chop the onion in small rings and chop the garlic smaller as well. Divide them over the wraps. Next, cut small slices from the zucchini, halve the tomatoes and chop the olives. Divide them over the wraps. Lastly add dried tomatoes on top.

Put the wrap pizza in the oven for about 15-20 minutes until you see the wrap turns a bit golden brown. Afterwards crumble the feta over the wraps and enjoy!